Introducing Mestastop

Globally, in the year 2016, 9.6 million people died of cancer and 90% of those deaths were due to metastasis, i.e. spreading of the primary tumor to other parts of the body (1). Five-year survival rates are 80% for most types of primary carcinomas but drops to ~30% once the tumor metastasizes (2). As of 2019, all but one of the 215+ approved cancer drugs do not address metastasis, for which there are almost no treatments.

Mestastop has created three proprietary platforms, both in vitro and in vivo, along with patient tumour translational validation, to unravel the complexity of metastasis drug discovery and early predictive diagnostics. These platforms are ready to be used for novel drug discovery, drug repurposing and profiling current anti-cancer leads or candidates for their anti-metastatic effect.

1. AACR Cancer Progress Report, 2018
2. Nature Reviews Cancer, 2016, 16, 2001


Our vision is to be “the metastasis specialists”, by creating a world-class R&D focused on metastasis, dissecting the complex metastasis biology for the first time ever. We have put special emphasis on the unexplored part of metastasis biology, deciphering the key rate-limiting critical steps. Additionally, we have differentiated between the growing tumorigenic and moving metastatic cells, identifying critical patterns that are translationally significant.


Having created three proprietary platforms during our first two years of R&D; METASSAY™, METSCAN™ and METVivo™, we have successfully completed our first mission.

Our next mission is to employ our proprietary platforms, to address both novel drug discovery and drug repurposing around metastasis. We intend to identify more metastasis specific patterns in primary tumor samples of patients, thereby building a predictive algorithm for early metastasis diagnosis.

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“Mestastop is charting a pioneering and much-needed path to early detection of metastasis. Such work is key to furthering mankind’s understanding of human health”

Dr. D.C Doval

Krishnan D


“If Mestastop can predict metastasis probability of primary cancer patients, that will be a game changer for doctors”

Dr. A. K Vaid



“Mestastop provides a great opportunity at finding solutions to the unmet medical needs in cancer care”

Dr. A. Kamath



“Concept-wise, it is a much-needed approach to address metastasis; looks very interesting and perhaps doable with Arnab’s keen interest and passion”


Clifi sinto


“Mestastop platform will play an instrumental role in changing cancer treatment in India and the world around”


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