Mestastop is a Bangalore based biotech startup that is stopping the unstoppable ‘cancer metastasis’ and giving life a second chance. Metastasis is the movement of tumor cells through blood and formation of multiple tumors into different secondary sites of the body. Metastasis is responsible for almost 90% of cancer deaths.

Unfortunately, though cancer treatments have advanced with targeted therapy and immunotherapy, there is still a huge gap as none of them addresses metastasis. MestaStop aims to provide a solution for such challenges with their Smart Science Strategy; a combination of in vitro tests for scoring compounds (as per their inhibitory potential of metastasis in totality) and then progressing the lead molecules in genetically engineered xenograft models, that stays true to the biology but is faster and easier to monitor.

Dr. Arnab Roy Chowdhary, Founder said, “Mestastop is trying to solve a highly complex global healthcare problem and an investment from Mumbai Angels is not only a validation of our vision and progress but also a shot of adrenaline during the pandemic crisis, priming us for the next level.”

Satyakam Mohanty, MA member shares his thoughts on the investment, “Discovery is as much key to treating metastatic cancer as is the cure, if not more. The nature of metastatic tumours is such that cure becomes exponentially harder (and more expensive), the later the discovery. Using unique cell based detection IP techniques, Mestastop is charting a pioneering and much needed path to early detection of metastasis. Such work is key to furthering mankind’s understanding of human health.”

Nandini MansinghkaCo-promoter and CEO Mumbai Angels Network, commented, “Mestastop aims to create a common metastasis directed proprietary platform that will address both discovery and diagnostic goals. We are excited to see how Mestastop will create solutions for cancer care. We see our new LifeSciences vertical growing and we are happy to see more companies from this sector becoming part of our expanding portfolio”

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