Mestastop Solutions, the deep-tech biotechnology startup working on cancer metastasis has entered a collaboration with Peptris, an AI / ML company that can predict protein-protein interaction and identify small molecule inhibitors. Together they will identify, validate, and develop approved drugs using their respective proprietary platforms.  

Dr. John Ellingboe, former AVP Wyeth & Pfizer, Senior Advisor to Mestastop said; “This collaboration will utilize the strengths of Mestastop and Peptris in the areas of metastasis biology, drug discovery, and machine learning to efficiently identify approved drugs for repurposing as treatments for cancer metastasis. Mestastop and Peptris have developed unique platforms that can be combined to quickly identify drug candidates and address the huge unmet need in metastasis. This combination of efforts should deliver a novel approach to cancer therapy because of the collaborative nature of the project.”

Mr. Narayanan Venkatasubramanian, Co-founder of Peptris said; “At Peptris, we are very excited to collaborate with the innovative team at Mestastop and accelerate the journey towards finding a cure for cancer metastasis. We would leverage our pepAI platform to find small molecule therapies for targets that are identified using the Mestastop advanced platform. With the convergence of our breakthrough solutions across Biology, Chemistry, and AI, we hope to bring novel therapies to tackle Metastasis.”

Peptris is an AI/ML company that is committed to improving efficiencies in drug discovery and accelerating development. Peptris has created a versatile AI platform that can accurately predict Protein-Small Molecule interactions and resulting biological activity across a wide range of protein targets and molecules. Peptris is actively engaged with biotech and pharma partners to leverage its pepAI platform to help discover potent molecules faster. Peptris is also working on a proprietary target to therapy pipeline to discover novel targets and therapies for oncology and inflammation. You can view more information at

Mestastop is a translational research company that is building a novel platform for drug discovery and diagnostics, focused on cancer metastasis, a huge unmet need, which is responsible for 90% of cancer deaths.  Backed by Mumbai Angels, Vistari Ventures, and IKP, the Mestastop platform has been validated by Science Exchange and was successfully presented in the recently concluded American Association of Cancer Research Symposium, 2021, receiving validation from peers both in academia and industry. Mestastop aims to create a hub of innovation in India, that would tackle some of the most challenging health problems in the current world.