Mestastop Solutions have appointed Ankesh Khemani, as an Advisor for “Data Strategy and AI”. Ankesh brings in his diverse experience and expertise and will be advising Mestastop on their machine learning algorithm platform that will be integrating the vast data generated by the Mestastop core R&D team on tumor cells and cell lines to create a predictive platform for metastasis drug discovery and diagnostics. Ankesh has been a tech entrepreneur and previously worked at companies like Oracle, Amazon, and several Startups and is currently leading an AI team at Atlassian.

“We are very excited about Ankesh joining the advisory team,” said Arnab Roy Chowdhury, Ph.D., founder of Mestastop Solutions. “As biologists, we have almost no expertise in this area of AI and Ankesh brings in his years of experience and passion to help give shape to our vision. His role would be to help us formalize our AI strategy, build the team and be the interface of any AI partnership/ collaboration. This is the start of our next level of research and we can’t wait for this to start”.

Ankesh says, “When I met Arnab a few years ago and came to know about his mission, it inspired me. It is then that I got to know where humans are in understanding the cancer metastasis process. Arnab’s approach towards solving this puzzle is quite rational, his vision is inspiring, and his passion is contagious. Machine Learning can help us identify, group, and classify patterns in the diagnostic data at scale. This would help with analyzing data from animal testing, drug discovery, and patient-level predictions.”

More about Mestastop:  Cancer metastasis, a complex biological process, is responsible for 90% of cancer-related deaths. Mestastop has mimicked the metastasis biology in multiple steps, each being represented by a cell-based functional assay. Summatively, these assays provide a biological model that will expedite the in vitro drug discovery efforts against metastasis. The colorectal cancer-based platform is ready and Mestastop is normalizing it with patient sample data while also working on a triple-negative breast cancer platform. Mestastop will be unveiling its first set of data and platform information in the forthcoming American Association of Cancer Research Conference, scheduled in April 2021.

More about Ankesh: