Partnerships and Discovery

  • Give us an anti-cancer lead/candidate – we will help position for metastasis
  • Give us a library of compounds, and we will pick the best 5 with anti-metastasis activity
  • Give us approved drugs, and we will repurpose the best compound for metastasis AND/OR profile them for safety
  • Interested in any tissue-specific cancer or metastasis? We can help understand biology by customizing our platform.

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Our wet-lab Biology Capabilities

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Assay Biology and Screening

Translational Cancer Biology

Mestastop Solutions as a Science Exchange Contracted™ provider

Scientific Gears

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“Mestastop is charting a pioneering and much-needed path to early detection of metastasis. Such work is key to furthering mankind’s understanding of human health”

Dr. D.C Doval

Krishnan D


“If Mestastop can predict metastasis probability of primary cancer patients, that will be a game changer for doctors”

Dr. A. K Vaid



“Mestastop provides a great opportunity at finding solutions to the unmet medical needs in cancer care”

Dr. A. Kamath



“Concept-wise, it is a much-needed approach to address metastasis; looks very interesting and perhaps doable with Arnab’s keen interest and passion”


Clifi sinto


“Mestastop platform will play an instrumental role in changing cancer treatment in India and the world around”