Brief Profile

As someone always passionate about applied therapeutics, Arnab started his journey against parasites and then moved on to cancer a decade back. Arnab believes targeted therapy can never be the solution against an evolutionary disease and intends to hit cancer at the weakest point. That’s what Mestastop is all about.

Dr. Arnab Roy Chowdhury

Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Designation: Director
Location: Bangalore


  • PhD with 19 years of experience
  • Johns Hopkins SoM & Harvard Medical School
  • Drug Discovery Programme leader in Oncology and inflammation
  • 1 pre-IND candidate
  • 13 publications

Awards & Certifications

 Multiple Best Poster Awards, CSIR – NET
 Order of Merit in BS & MS from Calcutta University

Mumbai Angels



“Mestastop is charting a pioneering and much-needed path to early detection of metastasis. Such work is key to furthering mankind’s understanding of human health”

Dr. D.C Doval

Krishnan D


“If Mestastop can predict metastasis probability of primary cancer patients, that will be a game changer for doctors”

Dr. A. K Vaid



“Mestastop provides a great opportunity at finding solutions to the unmet medical needs in cancer care”

Dr. A. Kamath



“Concept-wise, it is a much-needed approach to address metastasis; looks very interesting and perhaps doable with Arnab’s keen interest and passion”


Clifi sinto


“Mestastop platform will play an instrumental role in changing cancer treatment in India and the world around”