Mestastop Solutions have partnered with Science Exchange, the globally recognized and respected online marketplace by major biopharmas, to offer their proprietary functional assay platform on metastasis.

“We’re pleased to welcome Mestastop Solutions as a Science Exchange Contracted™ provider on our outsourced R&D platform,” said Elizabeth Iorns, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of Science Exchange. “Through our platform, biopharma and biotech researchers worldwide will now have rapid access to the novel Mestastop Assay Portfolio for discovering new therapeutic candidates blocking cancer metastasis.”

“It is an absolute delight that a reputed brand such as Science Exchange has recognized the value of Mestastop early in its development,” said Arnab Roy Chowdhury, Ph.D., founder of Mestastop Solutions. “We believe that the spirit of true innovation soars high above all boundaries and barriers, and we look forward to working with the best in the industry to make an impact on the deadly process of metastasis. The hard work of our small team has brought us here within a year of starting wet labwork, and we pledge to devote ourselves fully to address metastasis. Thank you, Science Exchange.”

More about Mestastop:  Cancer metastasis, a complex biological process, is responsible for 90% of cancer-related deaths. Mestastop has mimicked the metastasis biology in multiple steps, each being represented by a cell-based functional assay. Summatively, these assays provide a biological model that will expedite the in vitro drug discovery efforts against metastasis. Mestastop has also partnered with expert clinicians from HCG hospitals, Bangalore, RGCRI, Delhi and Medanta, Delhi for successful translational model establishment. They have an ongoing partnership with the South Korea-based biotech, Immunobiome, to create proprietary animal models around metastasis.