Mestastop Solutions have raised a third successive round of funding against Compulsorily Convertible Preference Shares (CCPS) that was led by Vistari Venture Partners and other angel investors, two of whom are in a leadership role in Indian Biotech (name withheld on request).

Mestastop has developed a proprietary cell-based phenotypic assay platform that emulates the complex metastasis biology, with colorectal cancer as a model, which is now being normalized with patient primary tumor data. Work has already started to extend this platform into triple-negative breast cancers.

Praveen Agarwal, Director, Mestastop

Speaking about the same, Praveen Agarwal, partner and Director of Mestastop Solutions said, “Science teaches us to be humble so that we can keep on learning, which is very important in order to confront something as devastating as cancer metastasis. We are delighted that Vistari recognized the scientific potential of Mestastop even in its early stage of platform creation, in spite of not being revenue ready. We are also hopeful that after Mumbai Angels and Vistari, other venture firms would take the cue and join us in this collective battle. Thank you Vistari, this will be an exciting journey”.

Madhurika Sankar, Partner, Vistari VP

“At Vistari Venture Partners, we are sector agnostic in the investment choices we make but for the one criteria – that the entrepreneurial venture has societal benefit in mind. Mestastop Solutions, with their intense focus on unraveling the pernicious mysteries of cancer metastasis and improving the quality of the lives of the millions of people who suffer from cancer or who are at visceral risk from it, was an easy choice,” said Madhurika Sankar, Partner, Vistari Venture Partners, Chennai. “We are extremely gratified that they saw our modest investment as the beginning of a fruitful relationship and have chosen to partner with us, as they will make, no doubt, great strides into the world of translational cancer research. All good wishes to them and thanks for having us on board.”